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York Riven Paving

It’s time to cut down on costs without cutting down on style.

Whilst York Riven paving stones may represent a more economical solution for your garden, it certainly doesn’t mean it won’t offer a beautiful looking garden feature or patio feature.

Lower cost slabs can still be excellent quality and look fantastic in most outdoor settings.

Superior riven finish and virtually straight sides enables projects to dispense with pointing by brushing sand between the paving.

The quality look and feel of York Riven, combined with a choice of three attractive shades in a range makes it easy to achieve that stunning look without breaking your budget.

£2.40 Inc v.a.t collected price per slab. Size 450mm x 450mm


Available in Buff, Grey, Dark Grey

For more information on these slabs please follow the link http://www.castacrete.co.uk