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Easy Care Black Spot Remover

  • Removes black & white spot lichen
  • Generally also cleans concrete & stone
  • Contains no acids or solvents
  • Safe to use on sensitive stone
  • Can be applied with a garden spray


A high performance surface cleaner designed to remove stubborn areas of lichen
(black & white spot) and algae. It is also a highly effective general cleaner that leaves the surface
bright and clean.
Also kills and controls mould and other organic and microbiological contaminants from porous
surfaces. Results can be seen quickly with improvements continuing for 24 hours. Cleans and
removes black spot and white spot lichen and other contaminants from: Walls; Floors; Paths;
Monuments; Decking; Block paving and all other natural stone and concrete.
For lasting results we recommend the use of the appropriate sealer from the EASYSeal range
The product is also Does not contain solvents or acids and will not damage natural/sensitive stone.
Note: The removal of lichen is a two stage process. Used as directed, EASY Black Spot Remover will
kill the spores and loosen their grip but some effort is still required to remove the organic matter.

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