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Dry Lining Products

Plasterboard is basically an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper including various additives in the gypsum layer and varying the weight and strength of the lining paper, will give the finished board different properties.

Most common plasterboards come with the option of either tapered edge or square edge. Tapered edge boards are ideal for either jointing or skimming, while square edge is generally used for textured finishes.

Most standard plasterboard has one ivory face and one brown. The liner on the ivory face is specially designed for plastering plaster should not be applied to the brown reverse face. Paper liners are generally made from recycled paper a big plus for the environment.

Insulation Bonded Plasterboard

Knauf Insulation – Polyfoam Linerboard

A thermal laminate of rigid extruded polystyrene bonded to plasterboard for internal lining of walls and roofs. λ = 0.03W/mK


Plasterboard Plank

British Gypsum – Gyproc Plank

A 19mm thick version of Gyproc WallBoard. Used as the main board in British Gypsum Gypfloor SILENT, GypWall AUDIO and Gypwall QUIET systems. λ = 0.19W/mK


Soundbloc Plasterboard

British Gypsum – Gyproc SoundBloc

Gypsum plasterboard with a higher density core to provide greater levels of sound insulation by reducing the level of sound insulation between rooms.

The 15mm thickness listed below are My Comfort products. λ = 0.25W/mK


Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

British Gypsum – Gyproc Moisture Resistant

Gypsum plasterboard with water repellent additives in the core, encased in a special green paper liner.

Suitable for intermittent moisture applications.

Also used for external soffits in sheltered positions. λ = 0.19W/mK.


Fireline Plasterboard

British Gypsum – Gyproc FireLine

Gypsum plasterboard with glass fibre and other additives in the core.

Used in British Gypsum partition, wall lining and ceiling systems to give increased fire protection.

Pink coloured face paper. λ = 0.24W/mK


Standard PlasterBoard

Siniat – GTEC Standard Board

Decorative ivory face available with either a tapered edge or square edge profile and a grey faced back liner, suitable for installation with stud partitions, lining systems and ceilings. Complies with BS 1230 Type 1 and BS EN 520 Type A. λ = 0.19W/mK.