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Hardwood Decking


Hardwoods have unique natural properties that make them significantly longer lasting,more durable, stable and stronger than softwoods. This a product that is suitable for immediate installation in a variety of different applications. Such as pontoon decks, through to garden walkways and decking.

There are several different types of hardwood decking available. Including:-

Yellow Balau

is a heavy hardwood that is native to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It comes in a variety of hues such as teak, yellow-brown and purplish-brown with stunning red undertones. The wood will darken to a deeper brown as it ages and weathers. Yellow Balau is extremely durable which is why it is used to build ships, boats, staircases, bridges, boardwalks and flooring. It naturally resists decay, insects, fungus, and fire.



 is commonly found in South America. Ipe is possibly the most well known exotic hardwood in North America.

Ipe hardwood is a generally chosen for its high density and resistance to scratches, decay and insects. The lumber will last a long time, It is just as fire resistant as steel and remains strong as it ages.

Ipe hardwood does not need to be treated with any chemical sealants or finishes. Rather, a standard oil-based finish can be used once per year to seal the wood. The material’s color ranges from a deep brown to yellow-brown with grey undertones.



is one of the hardest and most durable timber species in the world. It is considered a cost-effective substitute for Ipe decking in some applications. With a reddish brown hue and straight grain, it has been nicknamed “Brazilian Redwood.” It is naturally durable and resistant to rot and decay, making it an excellent choice for exterior applications. It not only lasts a long time, but has the beauty of an interior hardwood.

For more information and prices on these or any other hardwood decking please contacts us we will be happy to help.