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Cladding is most used for shed and summerhouse construction, but has become a lot more commonplace in the home and building industry over the last 5 years.

There are many different types and styles of cladding available from treated softwood to thermowood to fibre cement boards that are pre coloured and very low maintenance.

Please browse this page for more information on cladding for your project.

Softwood Cladding.

Thinner profiles of Softwood exterior cladding are commonly used to make sheds, summer houses and animal houses. Thicker profiles are more commonly used for facades.

Below are the available profiles which include rebated shiplap, rebated loglap, tongue and groove shiplap, and tongue and grove loglap.

shiplap-single-pieceRebated Shiplap

Shiplap Redwood  Standard Grade 19mm x 125mm (Finished Size 14.5mm x 119mm)



Cedar Cladding.


Western red cedar is a softwood, and probably the most popular choice right now for external cladding in the UK. When you use the heartwood or wood from the center of the tree, it’s naturally occurring chemical transformation makes it more resistant to decay, so there’s no need to treat the timber first.

Below are some of the profiles available.

cladding profiles whitmores

Thermowood Cladding.

ThermoWood® is thermal modified wood. This process has a permanent effect on the wood’s properties providing excellent durability, dimension stability and insulating qualities. The improved features of ThermoWood reduce the potential for shrinkage, wrap or twist and ensure that the product keeps a new-like appearance for a long time.

Its beautiful, ‘finewood look’ and dimensional stability mean that the product is ideally suited both for interior decoration and outdoor uses. Since no chemicals are added, ThermoWood is also environmentally friendly.

ThermoWood® standard cladding panels range includes T&G Shiplap, PMV cladding, channel cladding, tapered cladding as well as battening and cornering and corner trim profiles as shown below.

T&G ShiplapThermowood-Channel-CladdingChannel CladdingThermowood-PMV-CladdingPMV CladdingThermowood-tongue-and-groove-t-and-g-Shiplap-cladding

Thermowood-Tapperd-CladdingTapered CladdingThermowood-BattenBatteningThermowood-Corner-TrimCorner Trim

For prices on thermowood please ring or call in with dimensions of area to be covered and we will be happy to help.

Fibre Cement Cladding.

cedral cladding pic

Fibre cement Cedral Lap weatherboard external cladding is the ideal low maintenance, rot free alternative to traditional timber weatherboarding. With the visual appeal of natural timber, simplicity of installation and resistance to rot, Cedral Lap weatherboard is an attractive, low maintenance alternative to PVCu.

Cedral Lap weatherboard can be supplied in a range of 21 factory applied solid colours and 2 woodstain finishes – providing an aesthetic option to suit many project requirements.

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