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Anti-slip Decking Solutions

Anti-slip Decking

Our anti-slip decking is made using our standard Ex 125mm x 38mm (120mm x 32mm finish size) slow grown redwood decking, with 2 non slip resin bonded aggregate strips to give it a high rated anti-slip finish.


The aggregate strips on our boards make it perfect for steps, ramps and walkways in either residential or commercial settings.

Retrofit Anti-slip Decking Strips.

Do you have an area of decking, or steps you wish to make anti slip but do not want the hassle of replacing the boards?

Not a problem with our retro fit anti-slip decking strips.

Our 50mm wide convex anti-Slip Decking Strips are manufactured from fibreglass. The material will never rot, mould or corrode. The Anti-Slip finish is a glass quartz grit which is embedded into the top surface. This creates one of the most exceptional non slip surfaces on the market and the convex design eliminates any potential trip hazard.

There are 8 colours in the range to choose from.

Green / Brown / Yellow / Black / Grey / Beige / Red And Blue all shown below.


These strips are in 3m lengths but can easily be cut using a hacksaw and drilled for the fixing screws.